Online community / Online community and online mini focus groups

Minimally Invasive Aesthetic Treatments

We are inviting Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons, Aesthetic Physicians, Dentists and Nurses to take part in our latest market research on the topic of minimally invasive aesthetic treatments. This online community will be conducted for 1.5 hours across 2 days/evenings and some of the respondents will participate in an online mini focus group as well. To take part in this important study, please click on the button below.

  • Location: US, Nationwide
  • Date: Monday, 16th May – Thursday 19th May
  • Time: To be agreed over the phone
  • Duration: 90-180 minutes, depending on the level of involvement
  • Incentive: $250-$900, depending on the specialty and the level of involvement
  • Availability: 22 slots available